Lost Infinity

Enemy-Skill Sandbox
Multiplayer RPG
developed by Smogworks

Take Control of Enemies

Inhabit enemies you encounter. Move them about and experiment with their skills. Gaining enough affinity for a body type will let you manifest it yourself as your own personal avatar. Gaining enough affinity for an enemy skill will let you use it in other body types. Specialize for powerful bonuses, or go wide for versitility. Develop your own style.

Dive into a Vibrant New World

The universe has ended, destroyed by a force called "the Chaos," but the battle isn't over. A handful of crafty humans, feral Wyldes, ethereal Specters, and powerful Metas remain. These remnants, when not squabbling with each other, must endure a tireless onslaught from the Chaos that is trying to finaly wipe the universe clean.

Explore and Create

Discover unique wonders and help shape the world around you. Choose the scale at which you build. Create an entire metropolis brick by brick, or building by building.

Join the Project

Designed from the start to be massively moddable, Lost Infinity is ready to become whatever you can imagine.

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